Offre d’emploi

POSTE : Project Manager F/H
LIEU : Limoges (87)
ORGANISME : Substra Foundation

Job offer: Substra Foundation is looking for a Project Manager with a DIY entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for open
source communities

Note : cette offre est rĂ©digĂ©e en anglais car c’est la langue de travail au sein du projet. La langue maternelle de la plupart des membres de l’équipe est le français.

AI is promising but…

AI is making tremendous progresses, creating vast transformation and innovation opportunities in all sectors. One prerequisite of AI technologies is the collection of data and its processing into exploitable datasets. Storage, processing and sharing of huge amounts of information may constitute a considerable threat to data privacy, governance and
valorization, and public and private awareness is raising as illustrated by the growing fear of value appropriation by private tech giants, or by the recent enforcement of GDPR in Europe.

These threats are even more acute when the underlying data in a machine learning ecosystem is sensitive, either by its personal or confidential nature.

Trustless, traceable, privacy-preserving ML orchestration

At Substra Foundation we believe in and advocate for a model where data providers retain full control of their data, while these data are unlocked, in privacy-preserving conditions, for concrete and impactful ML projects.

Substra is a software framework building upon the leading private and permissioned blockchain framework Hyperledger Fabric. It offers by-design trustless, traceable, privacy-preserving machine learning orchestration among multiple parties.

Data analysis algorithms travel to distributed training dataset nodes, and computations are performed on local, disposable, secure computing containers at each node. The trustless nature of the distributed ledger framework enforces the preservation of data privacy and provides an incorruptible traceability of all operations.

It enables multi-party data analysis and machine learning collaborations, it facilitates a large variety of strategies for privacy-preserving data sharing.

Substra Foundation advances responsible data science approaches

Substra Foundation is independent organization founded in 2018 to coordinate the open source project Substra, foster the emergence of a community of users and contributors, research value repartition models, and promote trustless privacy-preserving learning approaches by-design. As of 2019 it is engaged in large collaborative research projects in
France and in Europe in the health sector. It aims at growing its reach and developing the adoption of the Substra Framework in multiple industries.

Substra Framework’s current main contributor is Owkin, a fast-growing health data AI startup, a core partner to Substra Foundation, which dedicates a full tech team to the development of the software first version. Its public release in H2 2019 will kickstart the open source collaborations.

Current projects and recruitment

Substra Foundation ambitions to develop its action in several sectors. As of beginning of
2019 it is engaged in 2 collaborative research projects in healthcare:

  • Healthchain: a French public-private consortium composed of hospitals and health centres, research institutes, specialised ML startups, financed by BPIFrance. The consortium objective is to conduct 3 specialized ML projects in a federated learning setting (each one on datasets from 2 different hospitals)
  • An EU H2020 project gathering 7 partners and 10 industrial pharma companies, to implement a federated and privacy-preserving machine learning orchestration platform in support of drug discovery

To complete its core team, contribute to these exciting projects and coordinate the Substra open source initiative, Substra Foundation is recruiting a versatile Project Manager with experience and know-how in use cases analysis, strategic positioning, partnerships and community development, communication.

Your profile:

  • 2+ years of experience
  • interest in ML / AI, distributed ledger technologies, open source software, online collaborative communities, web cultures
  • experience in community and partnerships management, use cases analysis and users segmentation, project management, product management, marketing, communication
  • DIY, entrepreneurial mindset
  • marketing/business acumen
  • communication skills (writing, image, video, emailing, social media, web, community management)
  • wanting to be part of team, wanting to contribute to shape the adventure (not to be a client of the organization!)
  • bilingual French/English
  • (bonus) some knowledge of research dissemination
  • (bonus) interest in AI and machine learning
  • (bonus) some knowledge of software development culture/mindset


  • Based: Paris, Limoges or Nantes
  • Start date: between May and September 2019
  • Remuneration range: market-level salary

To apply: share with us your interest for this adventure at, in the form that
suits you best!

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